The environment in today's world is getting degraded. Lots of pollutants are there and many epidemics and disasters are also there. All these things are affecting the life of people drastically. Developing a solution to combat this problem and making life of people better became my inspiration.

What it does

SmartLyfe integrates the Most accurate Air Quality Data and the Complete Data for your Surroundings and Weather in a seamless way. The end result is that based on your location, the application recommends you about what all activities to do, where to go and not to go, disaster/epidemic situation if any, alerts for pollutants and allergens in the air surrounding you, the road conditions and much more.

How I built it

The application was built using Android as the preferred mobile OS. Lots of Open Data was fed for training the application. Weather APIs were used to leverage the accuracy of the application. The sensors used are part of BreezoMeters' Sensor Management Service. Using these sensors, Real-time data for Air Quality is collected. The data is fetched through the Rest API and thereafter it is used to make further recommendations. Moreover, the Satellite data is also used for determining road conditions etc.

Challenges I ran into

Getting Open Data related to Disasters and Epidemics was a big challenge. Also, making accurate recommendations based on the responses was a bit challenging.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I have made a product that will help people take smart decisions when they are traveling.

What I learned

I learned about normalizing the data and making predictive models.

What's next for SmartLyfe

SmartLyfe aims to track the Disease Count and Type for each and every area by scrapping the data from WHO and European Health Organizations in order to warn people about the Disease Epidemics around their location.

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