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What is Smartly? Smartly is a free homework help platform that was developed in April of 2020 using a Website Builder as well as HTML for custom additions. Smartly has a team of over one hundred high-school student volunteers that provide free homework help to underprivileged students. We have received over 25,000 site views, 1.2 million views on a TikTok featuring us, and have helped close to 1,000 students since April of 2020 to succeed in class. link

Our Hackathon Project We took our popular website,, and we created it into a mobile app! We utilized Xcode, Swift, and WebKit to bring our beautiful website interface to mobile. Over 60% of our site views come from a mobile device, so creating this app will help to boost usage and reach our target audience – students!

Accomplishments Smartly has received international recognition from an education platform called GFEL (Global Forum for Education and Learning). Ajay Sachdev, the creator of Smartly, received a nomination as one of the top-100 Visionaries in Education from Smartly. Smartly has also been featured on, MSN News, PIX11, Spectrum News, and has been broadcasted on several radio stations across New Jersey.

Challenges The biggest challenge that we faced was marketing. Nobody knew about Smartly upon its release, so we would get only a few questions asked a week (if we were lucky)! Our executive and marketing team worked hard to develop a solid social media presence on Instagram and TikTok. We contacted several influencers, which was how we ramped up website traffic after being featured by one!

What We Learned We have never utilized Xcode or used Swift before. By taking part in this Hackathon, we learned how to convert a website into a mobile form.

Our Next Steps We are looking forward to pushing our application for approval to get listed on the App Store. From there, we will push more marketing strategies on our website and social media to get downloads.

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