Many of us wanted a better experience for the schoolloop; we felt it could be used to do more.

What it does

This android app ports Schoolloop data into a more concise and appealing interface that will please most high-schoolers. We enhanced many of the basic features with the inclusion of a final grade calculator, a test score calculator, plus a better viewer for grades and assignments.

How I built it

We built it through android studio. Since most of us were beginners to developing android apps, we followed a couple of tutorials and began to learn the basics.

Challenges I ran into

Due to the fact that we were beginners, we did not understand many of the tools used to develop an app. As we encountered problems, we had to quickly research them online so that we could keep pace and not fall behind.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

In 24 hours, we learnt how to build an app from scratch, with little experience. Also, this product helps students of our age, so we are able to use it ourselves as well. Solving a problem we all had made sure that we were all passionate about it.

What I learned

We all learnt the basics of app building and how to collaborate within and outside our group to successfully achieve our goals.

What's next for SmartLoop

We hope to add a google calendar, an assignment/agenda, push notifications, and more. We plan to pursue this project even after this hackathon.

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