People who are released from prison finds it difficult to find out housing for them. So we help them getting familiarized with housing facilities that open heartedly invites them.

What it does

Provides a web based platform to search for housing facilities, get necessary information regarding it. For the same we have developed search criteria and modified UI.

How I built it

Using Drupal, mysql,etc

Challenges I ran into

-> Had to understand user stories from Alliance For Change which was quite unique for us. -> Weren't familiar with Drupal, had to go through intensive brainstorming. -> Customizing took quite a time from us, on one end we had to add in new features, improve the website, on the other we had to take care that we don't cause any damage to the backend while changing frontend which could again increase our work for the same.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

-> Learning drupal and implementing it at the same time. -> Taking up a challenge and meeting up expectations of our client. -> Completing the user friendly "Search criteria" suggested by client, adding contact/feedback feature using drupal, improving UI to some extent.

What I learned

About Reentry housing, their work for the society, drupal, etc

What's next for Reentry housing

-> Needs to work more on UI, making it more user friendly. -> Adding more features to the website. eg. Geolocation

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