We were inspired by the pizza parlour theme and how mood detection sounds a lot like food detection at 3 am.

What it does

Semantic analysis with GCP and Twilio for a very quick mood detection to figure out what food might be the best for you in that moment, and then we use azure mood detection for a more in depth analysis of facial cues to more accurate food detection.

How we built it

We have two separate and equally important parts, one using twilio's and gcp's semantic analysis for a quick text and recommendation and places to eat that are in your area. The second part, is that we wrote a UiPath Script that automates a process of putting a picture into an azure site and getting the mood of the picture.

Challenges we ran into

UiPath doesn't run on Mac, Azure was buggy for a bit

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We all learned a lot and it was our first time in our respective roles, whether that being competing for the first time, using gcp, using azure, twilio, flask, uipath, etc. We completed a miminum viable product (MVP).

What we learned

GCP, Azure, UiPath, basics of Web Dev

What's next for SmartJeff

Sleep, and then a nap. Integration of Azure via API calls or UiPath Robots

Built With

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