Inspiration :

Comes from a problem that we all face these days when we see sms / notifications at very odd times , not relevant .

What it does

This app is different from other apps that offer coupons and promotions in these below different ways :

  • Merchants can create custom promotions based on : Proximity to store Weather conditions like UV Index , Rainfall Age group of customers

Details how the app works

  • Local merchants register , add their business , add their deals. They can add deals which can be configured to
    • trigger deals when users are at a specified proximity to their store location. -trigger deals when weather conditions like UVindex range , Rain range are met. -trigger deals based on user's age group.

For example , An Ice cream parlor merchant can configure a deal to be triggered when UVIndex is between 3-8 ( means very hot )

The end users when they register and install this app , they can see all the deals in their locality.

This app is built on Trnql api and parse api.

How I built it

Built with Trnql & parse

Challenges I ran into

getUV was very uncertain.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

What I learned

What's next for Smartive

Built With

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