Planning and decision making can take up a lot of time. This app is inspired to save the amount of time to plan an event by engaging multiple users interest and deciding on the best place to go to.

What it does

It records the interests of users in their profile. When users wants to hang out with friends, they just tap on create an event and add the users who are invited, and the scheduler will look for the best place to go.

How I built it

React-native & Redux: front-end UI and Logic Firebase: Database and User registration Google Places API: To get the data from places around me

Challenges I ran into

Had problems with styling in React-native which hindered the progress

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I managed to display the places that are open now and it was my first time dealing with Geolocation

What I learned

What's next for SmartIES(Smart and Intelligent Event Scheduler)

To be able to match interest between users and get better at matching places for people to go

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