Growing up, we loved playing with dolls. Like many girls out there, we spent hours dreaming up impossible scenarios of Prince Charmings and fairy godmothers while living vicariously through Barbie dolls. Our childhood passions may have been considered common, but yet, here we are today-female engineers studying male-dominant fields and doing everything but the norm. We show that stereotypical "feminine" and tech interests don't have to be mutually exclusive with Ohm Sweet Ohm.

What it does

It allows an exploration of Intel Edison products through the beauty of customization - with just a few inputs and a press of a button on your phone.

How we built it

First we created the project using Android Studio and work together to set up the communication between the Android app with the Intel Edison board using socket. Then, we split up into 2 groups of 2. One group works on controlling the Intel Edison board using c programming, one group works on the front-end design of the mobile app. On the mobile app side, we first created the Splash screen, then designed the layout for the home page. After the home page design is finished -- placed buttons at their appropriate position and styled the whole picture. We created separate pages for what each button is going to redirect to -- pages for the manual, the light functions, the display functions, and alarm functions. On the Intel Edison board, we received such commands from the mobile app and implemented its corresponding sensor functions.

Challenges we ran into

Getting the Intel Edison board to connect to our personal android app and communicating between the two devices in general was challenging since all of us had little to no experience working with sockets.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

The decent front-end design on the android app, creating a client/host connection between android and Intel Edison board, figuring out how most of our sensors work, (and our name) :)

What we learned

Fine home-building is hard work.

What's next for Ohm Sweet Ohm

Definitely implement more features such as voice recognition commands!

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