Lockdown during COVID 19 has started impacting the health of people both physically & mentally as there is lot of negativity and fear all around. People have started ignoring their health due to long working from home, on continuous video or phone calls & inability to access to parks and Gyms. So there should be some way to keep people motivated towards their health and fitness which can improve their immune against COVID19 and bring then mental peace while being at home. Where our Intelligent Bot DrBot will help you in staying Fit, Healthy & Happy

What it does

DrBot will be your ML & AI enabled intelligent health assistant which will capture you details on first login around - Your Work, Your Health, Your Family & Interest Areas. Once DrBot has gathered all the details about you then you can start using DrBot to stay fit, healthy and happy

Login to DrBot once you start your office/school/education/business work for the day and DrBot will start monitoring you and your activities. Based on your work, medical, family information & interest areas it will keep on recommending you short 1-5 min. exercises, games, puzzles & other information in form of challenges and will also let you know the benefits of those challenges while you are at work. As you keep completing the challenge DrBot will keep recording your health. DrBot will prescribe you various meditation techniques, breathing exercise, fitness exercises and yoga exercises as per your history and will keep you healthy and Fit. You can invite your friends for the challenge thrown to you by DrBot and collaborate. DrBot will make you remind of your medicines and as per your meal intake will recommend exercises to burn those calories. It will push you for proper meal & sleep schedules as well

DrBot will be funny too and can crack some random jokes/funny images to make you laugh. Let you solve puzzles and trivia's so that you can relax

DrBot will then produce a summary report during end of day & weekly report to let you what is your mental and physical health and also tips to do better.

DrBot will not frighten you with the reports but will inspire you to improve your health

How we built it

We are in process of building the phase 1 of DrBot which will support interaction via chat messages, pictures & videos. We will be using an existing Chatbot framework & customize it for better usage by using ML & AI & improve its accuracy and efficiency. In Phase 1 it will be a browser based assistant but in later phases it will enhanced to newer functionality and support multiple platforms

Challenges we ran into

We have started building this product during the hackathon & we faced multiple challenges related to chat bot customization which involves application of ML and AI to build DrBot a really smart health assistant

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We have been successful in developing a working prototype of DrBot which can be integrated with any website. We need further development where DrBot will be production ready

What we learned

Technically we learned NLP & Chat Bot development which was a completely new skill for us. Apart from that we learnt how to collaborate and deliver in war zone environment where we need to develop product from grounds up. It gave a different thought process, motivation and learning which will help us in future hackathons

What's next for SmartHealthAssistant

In Phase 2 we will be having voice support and video support with DrBot. DrBot will be able to talk to you and will be able to see you perform the challenges thrown at you. In Phase 2 DrBot will be available on Smart Phones as well

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