It's long story based on my experience from my youth when I had many injuries. In our country healthcare system is little bit obsolete. So we decided to try how easy/hard it is to make system which will replace paper form of patient records with electronic "virtual" cards.

What it does

Main idea is to store all patients records to one database (we are using firebase) and reduce time and effort for patients and doctors. In Slovakia every citizen has "insurance card". It's simple bunch och plastic/paper which does nothing but there are some information about patient. We would like to replace this card with something like NFC tag card to easily identify patient and immediately give patient records to doctor etc.

How I built it

With power of my friends, coffeine and stack overflow.

Challenges I ran into

New technology, team spirit,

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

The fact that we made it into a hub even though the nearest one was in our town and was closed... BUT we decided to search for nearest open one and we ended up traveling 100+ kilometres.

What I learned

new APIs, how to connect arduino to python, how to stream localhost json data, java backend and lot of other things...

What's next for SmartHealth

security patches, better gui, etc.

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