Realizing how difficult it is for some people to perform simple tasks on their own, we decided to create SmartHands - a smart sleeve that allows people with physical disabilities to do things at the push of a button in the comfort of their home.

There are three buttons currently available on SmartHands - one for sending emergency SMS's, another for sending emergency emails, and a third for checking the weather. People with disabilities can push either emergency button if they are ill or injured, rather than having to go through the painful struggle of finding the phone and reaching for it on their own. Additionally, they can push a weather button to pull up the local weather data on their personal computer. This is much easier than having to travel to the computer, log in, and search for the weather - especially for patients who have trouble interfacing with digital technology.

We believe that SmartHands is an innovative way to assist people who have to overcome physical disabilities on a daily basis. We hope that other software and hardware developers will continue to apply the idea of push-of-a-button technology in the future.

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