This project is made for Hack@BVP. In this project the aim is to create a smart habitat to add to the comfort as well as the day to day needs of the people. The projects majorly focuses on four topics i.e. Automated advanced security system, mood control lighting system, efficient cooling of air conditioners and Machine learning based air purity checking system. The aims in this project will not only save people from day to day hectic issues but will also provide comfort at their finger tips.

The Automated Advanced Security System

Nowadays, almost every budget smartphone has a fingerprint reader, taking the benefit from this fact, we integrated the mobile’s fingerprint sensor with a dedicated web server, as the user reaches within a certain radius of their home, a notification appears asking to unlock the home. If positive signal is received along with the user authentication, the server will redirect a command to the Raspberry pi and the doors will be unlocked using the servo motors.

Efficient cooling of Air Conditioners

When a person, reaches home after a tiring day at work, he has to wait for atleast 15 mins to have a pleasant temperature around him, solving this we integrated the mobile app with the server which will give a alert when the person reaches within some area around his home and will ask him if he wants to turn the air conditioning system on.

Mood Lighting System

The mood of a person swings right from black to white within a day, and also the lighting system influences the mood a lot. Hence solving this problem, the person will be able to switch the colour of the lights as per the mood.

Machine learning based Air Purity sensor

Using the principles of Machine Learning we will be collecting the air index from the near area and will predict the requirement of an air purifier in the home

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