🌷 Flowers are beautiful. We grow flowers in our homes and gardens, we use flowers to celebrate special occasions, and they bring colours to our world.

📸 Every flower blooms in its own time. If we take an orchid for example, it blossoms every 8 to 12 months. This beautiful flower can be seen only for a few days, and then it is gone forever. But, we can preserve its everlasting beauty and fond memories of it for all the eternity as an NFT on the blockchain!

What it does

📱 SmartGrow is a mobile application that allows users to lead a journal of plant growing. Through the application users can define areas (such as rooms, gardens, etc.) where plants are located, and define which plants they grow at specific locations. Application features a smart notification system, users are able to set up watering notifications for their plants. For each plant users can add journal notes, such as when flowers will bloom, etc. With the app users are able to take pictures of their flowers and plants, and store them as NFTs. This is a unique way to store memories about beautiful plants and fun times you had growing them.

How we built it

☁️ We built a fully scalable and reliable Azure cloud based solution, built on a serverless concept. Application data is stored in serverless SQL database, and accessed via Azure Functions which allows us to scale this solution based on user requests. Mobile application is built with React Native and optimised for both: Android and iOS devices. With the mobile application users can take pictures and store them as NFT tokens. We use Mintbase to allow users to mint their pictures, and we save them on Crust decentralised storage.

Challenges we ran into

✍️ We had a challenge with building a nice UX and UI since we are not professionals in this area, but we gave our best and we are happy with the result.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

💪 We are really proud of this amazing application we built, it wasn’t an easy task and it required a lot of effort to make it happen. For us this was our first time working with blockchain technology, and we are proud we used it in such an interesting and unique way.

What we learned

📚 We worked on this hackathon in a fully remote setup, and we learned a lot about how to perform as a distributed team, and what our strengths are. We learned a lot about blockchain and NFTs, and we look forward to using this in applications we will develop in the future.

What's next for SmartGrow

🚀 We plan to publish the application on Google and Apple app store, and we will create SoMe channels to promote it. We hope we will get people interested in it, and that in the application we will see many beautiful flowers and other plants.

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