We got this idea by watching my daily routine. We keep regretting when we buy an item and then realize that we can get it cheaper prize in a different store very close. We Also keep forgetting what to buy or add to the list when we go to a grocery store. As students, we want to save money as much as possible. This idea solves it all!!

What it does

The app takes grocery list as input and give you the optimum way of buying items with cheaper prices from different stores nearby. It also suggests items you might forget by your buying patterns using machine learning.

How we built it

Using Machine Learning Algorithms to suggest groceries by your previous buying patterns, Rest API, AJAX, JQuery, JavaScript, Python, Flask

Challenges we ran into

Using real-time API for grocery stores for datasets. Connecting Google Cloud SQL to Flask Application

Accomplishments that we're proud of

brainstorming Ideas and implementing the best one in 24 hour time frame. Proud of reaching mini goals to give our project a better shape Came up with a better suited Machine Learning Algorithm for our problem

What we learned

Learnt to use flask (python with GUI) - collaborating python, html Learnt Connecting Google Cloud SQL to Flask Application

What's next for SmartGrocList

Moving Desktop Web Application to Mobile Platform We plan to implement OCR (Optical Character Recognition) – Text detection in images - Scan checklist from sticky notes, white-boards. - Scan bills to mark completed items. Include radius filter to find nearest grocery stores – Saves Time!! Mobile Notifications/Reminders when user is near the stores Upload any image – We will suggest related items - For example, upload your dog’s image, we will suggest items like dog food. Sale updates for individual stores to grab as many items as we want for cheaper prizes

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