Many of our family members suffer through a common condition - "High Blood pressure". Over a billion people suffer from this condition. Proper diet is mandatory to control the symptoms of high blood pressure but it can be very difficult to know which food is okay to eat and which is not. Many food items like pickles, frozen food etc. are strictly prohibited for high blood pressure patients because of high level of sodium, sugar or fat but a lots of patients do not realize that. We wanted to solve the problem of food information for high blood pressure patients and that's why we developed this application.

What it does

Our App uses computer vision to scan the food and it tells you whether it is "OKAY" to eat or "NOT OKAY" to eat.

How we built it

We used React JS and clarifai api in the fronted. Backend is built by Node js and the Database we are planning to use is PostgreSql. We have deployed our app in heroku for testing and demo.

Challenges we ran into

There are various challenges we have solved. Major ones were integration of clarifai api in our react app. We are still developing it and are facing many challenges that we need to look into like fetching nutritional information of food after detecting what item it is, integration of frontend and backend, the deadline etc.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Our teamwork is one of the accomplishments we are definitely proud of. We have worked together very well and are building something that can be useful to improve health of millions of people.

What we learned

The major thing we are learning is team work and the process of ideation and innovation.We also learnt quite a bit about Git, Github and different technologies used here.

What's next for SmartFoodie

First we will finish off the features like upload image that we could not during the 24 hours and 3 members. After that we will turn this app into a progressive web app and deploy it in google play store as well. We have planned to add other diseases like diabetes and create an individuals "HealthPrint" which would take into consideration a person's current medication and health conditions to help them make better food choices and inform them which food they should and should not eat.

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