Our goal is to provide people an handful tool to easily gather important information about the products they are consuming: both for nutritive values and environmental information.

What it does

SmartFood lets people get important data about products by simply taking a picture of them. It will allow people to have the right knowledge to make smart decisions about their shopping, according to their lifestyle and their environmental values, such as recycling and getting to know about the ecological footprint.

How we built it

We used nodejs to setup a back-end that makes use of Google Cloud Vision API to use image recognition to detect specific products in users pictures, which users can submit using the interface. We developed our front-end using react and bootstrap, to provide a responsive layout for both mobile and desktop users. We also used Firebase as a remote database.

Challenges we ran into

Learn how to use all the APIs in a limited amount of time.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are proud of the features that our product offers, because we really think that they can be meaningful to people and we would enjoy to use it in our daily lifes.

What we learned

We learned how to use Google Cloud API and how to connect it to our projects in particular how to use it for different kinds of image recognition. We also learned how to organize ourselves as a team to realize what initially was just a sketched idea. Also, while generating data for our database, we got to learn more about how food production affects our environment, in ways that most are not aware of.

What's next for SmartFood

We would like to extend the application to support all kind of products, user registration and interactions in order to provide reliable information and feedback about all the data. This includes (but it's not limited to) uploading new item, sharing comments and providing ideas and concerns. The long future goal of SmartFood is to make an impact on how people perceive the environment. One of the possibilities would be to get enough reliability to provide environmental and health certifications to products in order to make the companies aware of the benefits that everyone gets when we respect our environment.

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