The majority of farmers in Africa are small scale farmers, however, they lack the necessary knowledge on how to improve their farming experience. If only we can be able to bring the farmers together such that an experienced farmer can share their farming techniques, then we will have improved the farming experience in Africa at large, ensuring that the upcoming farmers have role models. Smartfarm is inspired by the desire to bridge the gap between experienced and inexperienced farmers.

What it does

It allows experienced farmers to share their stories on modern farming techniques hence ensuring that upcoming farmers do not stumble along the way. It is a farmer's blog.

How I built it

I created the project while partaking the #Buildforsdgchallenge. I bootstrapped the front end using the Facebook open source create-react-app

Challenges I ran into

My greatest challenge was uncooperative members and I was forced to finish the project alone.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I completed the project and made it to the top 60 and currently waiting for a certificate.

What I learned

I improved my skills in Continuous Integration/Continous Deployment as well as project management using the Github project.

What's next for Smartfarm

There are several new features that I plan to implement such as providing a market platform where farmers can sell their products, as well as a guide on what types of crops should be grown in a specific geographic location.

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