SmartEver is a lightweight Evernote client application that runs on iPhone.

Regardless of whether you are online or offline, you can easily save memos and photos without being aware of any synchronization taking place with the server. Stored memos can be edited as many times as you like.

All notes created with this application are automatically given a "SmartEver" tag. If you have a note that was created with a desktop client version or using another application, as long as it has the "SmartEver" tag, it will be fetched during synchronization. Not only can this application display text and photos, but it can also display web clips and notes with file attachments such as PDF files.

Switch notebooks by tapping on the bar at the top of the screen where each note is being displayed.

From the list screen, tap on a tag to narrow down the display so it only shows notes containing that tag.

Main Functionality:

  • Create, edit text notes
  • Create photo notes
  • Add, edit memos on photo notes
  • Add photo to notes
  • Edit tags
  • Change notebook
  • Change to a format that allows editing of web clips, etc.
  • High speed search with preview
  • Display attachments such as PDF, Word, Excel files, and integrate with external applications
  • Obtain GPS location information
  • Obtain location information stored in photos
  • Background synchronization
  • Lightweight and easy to operate, reducing time lag as much as possible
  • Saves searches / Recent searches
  • Text notes, photo notes, default notebooks for each note type, and the ability to specify tags (can have multiple tags separated by commas)
  • Refine results display based on tags

By default, the title of a text note is set to the first line of the note. You can set a title of your choice by entering it directly in the title field.

For photo notes, the title is set to the date and time when the photo was taken. If the photo was chosen from a camera roll or library, the date and time information is obtained from the photo’s EXIF information. If this information cannot be obtained then the current date and time is used. This date and time is also used as the note’s creation date and time.

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