Bars are fun places to go however they are lagging behind the newest technology. We are trying to achieve three goals with our revolutionary cup. First, we want to let drinkers at a bar be fashionable by allowing them to customize the cup appearance. Second, bars can now promote deals directly to individuals by presenting advertisements on the cup. Third, we want to bring in SNS experience to the cup. The smartest cup is so smart it will present drinkers with tailored news.

What it does

Our main component, the smartest cup is capable of displaying images, gif (in development), and texts. It is able to change content in real-time and have animations.

Our server is capable of tailoring tweets to our cool cup.

How I built it

Cup is made up of three layers acrylic plastic. The outer most layer is the cup. The second layer can hold beer. The inner layer has led lights attached and spins. We have a motor and controller that is used by drones and it can be maneuver very precisely. The image and text contents are generated by our server as a bitmap. When images are given as an input, we read in pixel by pixel and get the rgb (red, green, blue) values and save the information. The information on the server is retrievable by the the cup through the arduino. When a text is given as an input, we generate bitmap style of every characters and store in the server. Our arduino checks for the newest data store on the server and present it on the cup when new information is available.

1 x arduino 1 x nodejs server 1 x motor 3 x led strips

Challenges I ran into

First challenge we ran into was representing the text as a bitmap. We needed a way to represent all 50 characters into a bitmap. We overcame it by testing out different combination of font style and getting the most legible style. Second challenge was getting the images to be in sync with spinning motors. The motor speed needed to be controlled with delicacy to have an exact speed to show the texts.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

The biggest accomplishment is the fact that our members were able to collaborate really well and utilize our different speciality. Also we overcome difficult challenges by helping each other. We are happy to show your our final cup.

What I learned

The first thing we did was to plan out before we actually started the project. Looking back, it was actually good that we took time to do this since we are very limited in time. We all agree that we had a lot of fun. We love what we tried to do and I think that was a reason we could work tirelessly

What's next for smartestCup

There are some additional features that we planned out but sadly could not demo. We would like to be able to have better resolution so that we can display more vibrant images. This would allow us to show gif (moving images). Also our cup can possibly show football highlights.

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