Television shows have the ability to captivate millions of people: epics like Game of Thrones, Downton Abbey and Breaking Bad pull at our emotions, stretching us from the depths of despair, throwing in a plot twist, adding hopeful bliss, and then killing everything (and everyone) we know and loved.

What we've created is a unique way to monitor the range of emotions a TV viewer goes through as they watch the program. Using the emotiv, our team has developed a way to track and categorize your emotions as you watch a television program. We then allow you to comment on and share your emotional segments with a community. To provide ease of use to the user, our team has built a human remote using the myo.

The data behind the emotional peaks and comments of an individual watching watching television can be used for a multitude of valuable purposes. Advertisers garnish information about what moments were most impactful, and then can better target their audiences; comments can inform watchers about what is going on behind the scenes; the data can even be used to match you based on your emotional and tv preferences to your perfect tv snuggler.

SmarterTV will be the new age of TV; with TV viewers engaging with our creations, and data abound, we look forward to building out a platform where the TV isn't just smarter, it's the smartest.

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