The inspiration is to find relationships and revealing information to help better use anti-crime resources

The uploaded zip file contains the APK Android file, python code file, IPython Notebook file from IBM Bluemix, the HTML output from the Notebook as well as URL share of the Spark Notebook and URL of the demo video.

What it does

It shows the best way to deploy anti-crime operational resources according to months of the year and hours of the day.

How I built it

I built it with Apache Spark with IBM bluemix with raw crime statistical data from 2000 to 2009. Using these data I wrote code to help show revealing crime activity rates by hour of the day, months of the year and related. Then I use these info to build an app to that would advise the use to "increase" or "decrease" anti-crime operational resources.

Challenges I ran into

Learning to using Spark with Python and the various libraries was a challenge. I got alot of help from the Samples and I was able familiarize myself quickly with the easy to use UI of the Notebooks. I am originally an Android developer.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I created something that can actually help people from potentially serious crimes by helping the Police use smarter deployment of operational anti-crime resources. I am very proud of that and hopefully to further ideate it to help even more people municipalities.

What I learned

I learn alot about data science, Apache Spark and wish to further my skills with data to build even more imaginative apps to help people.

What's next for Smarter Modern Policing

I want ideate it further and search for more relevant raw data to incorporate into my current project to help make better anti-crime operational decisions. This has been a challenging and fun project.

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