Inspiration: Most of the times, people have a dream position that want to work on to kick-start their career but traditional courses often don't lead them onto the path to those dreams. We wanted to build something to help students to see if they are headed to a right path or not.

What it does: You enter your position and skills, and it will tell you if you are headed that way or not. This web app is helpful to all the students, if they are about to graduate, it will help them look for suitable jobs; if they are only two semesters in, this can help them choose the subjects wisely. So, its for everybody!

How we built it: We built is using IBM Bluemix and IBM Watson, the jeopardy winning AI, using concept extraction, concept insight and relationship extraction. We used HTML5, CSS and node.js as well, in large quantities.

Challenges we ran into: EVERYTHING WAS A CHALLENGE! We honestly did not measure the depth of the water before jumping into it. Watson is particularly new and using an advanced AI with such advanced API that we have never used and two of us have never even heard of before was hard. We are not experts or even novices on anything we were doing but we kept going, divided duties and although we came up with something entirely different than what we intended to, we are still proud of our work!

Accomplishments that we're proud of: IT WORKS!!!!! AFTER 30 HOURS OF HARD-WORK, IT WORKS!!!

What we learned: We went back and forth a lot on what we wanted to do, we had a set API we wanted to use but our approach changed many times and we learned a lot of things. We are aware of the functionality of IBM Blue-mix and Watson now, we can get it to work! We managed to get the website online and made many changes, it was hard but it was exhilarating!

What's next for Do I Qualify? : Creating it on a bigger, real time level where it can be open sourced and everyone can use it!

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