Extreme weather forced the Federal Crop Insurance Program (FCIP) to pay out a record-breaking $17.3 billion in crop losses in 2012, which could have been prevented by smart farming application. Soil Matters’ analysis reveals the key causes of the staggering crop insurance payouts by the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Risk Management Agency (RMA).

For example: Nitrate is very important nutrition for Nitrate is soluble in water, Flows out of farming land causing deficiency can be identified with nitrate sensors, so nitrate supplement can be provided by the farmer and also proving more urea be more detrimental to soil fertility. Similarly Lighting conditions,Temperature, Humidity,Moisture are the major factors which affect the yield and cause the diseases in the plant. By proactive monitoring data crop yield can be drastically improved and diseases can be prevented proactively. Temperature.

Another major component of the agriculture is Animal Farming, Monitoring the health conditions and weather forecasting for outdoor grazing animals is very important. In our example we have considered the dairy cows as an example. With sensor tag data such as Body temperature,Humidity and Motion sensing etc. Through many research studies it is been found that Milk production is highly dependent on the temperature and humidity, Through these values stress level can be estimated with motion sensing and temperature many diseases to animals can be prevented proactively(Eg: Diseases such as Milk fever,Displaced Abomasum). With weather forecasting cattle can be avoided from staying for long time in outdoors to reduce the stress levels hence improving milk production.

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