SmartEnomic is our response to the Green Button Apps for Energy Challenge. SmartEnomic gives utility customers an easy way to upload and visualize their energy use with Green Button as their data source. You can use SmartEnomic while at home on your PC or on the go through your mobile browser. We have developed tools that are friendly, easy to understand and visually intriguing. Knowledge is power; SmartEnomic brings that power to the people.

Registration: To Register click the “Register Now” in the middle right of the page. The Registration page will ask for a First Name, Last Name, User Name, Email Address, Password and Password Confirmation, The Registration page will also ask the customer to accept the SmartEnomic Terms and Condition prior to continuing. Next, we ask you (8) eight questions about your household and how you would like to receive information. These questions are vital to SmartEnomic providing the best customer experience.

Dashboard: The Dashboard is the hub of SmartEnomic. At first the dashboard will be blank; you need to upload your Green Button data. The upload button in the upper right of screen allows you to retrieve your Green Button data. We break this down into (4) highlighted steps:

  1. Log into your account on your utilities website.
  2. Find the Green Button Icon.
  3. Download the XML file of your data to your computer.
  4. Click on upload now and add that file to SmartEnomic.

It may take a moment for a large file to upload into the system, but once the upload is complete the Usage Compass, Usage Calendar and Weather Comparison Chart will populate with a preset date range comparing two months. At any time you can select dates to compare; these dates directly affect the Usage Compass and the Weather Comparison Chart. The larger the distance between comparison dates the higher the strength of the comparison, which will be indicated by the Strength Indicator.

Usage Compass: The Usage Compass takes the date ranges to compare and applies our proprietary algorithm to register whether Heating, Cooling and the Baseline electric use has gone up, slightly up, is even, slightly down or down. You can use this tool after you make a change in your residence, like adding a programmable thermostat or replacing a refrigerator, to compare a time period before and after the change so you can see the impact.

Usage Calendar: The Usage Calendar is the most intuitive tool in our arsenal. The calendar displays usage by each individual day and identifies what the highest days were in the month. You can scroll through the calendar month by month for the length of the uploaded data.

Weather Comparison Chart: The Weather Comparison chart takes the uploaded data and compares that with weather data from Weather Source. The Chart allows you to zoom in on days, weeks to see how weather is effecting energy consumption.

Views: What makes SmartEnomic unique is the ability to switch between views. Though our research we know that Cost, kilowatt hours and carbon footprint make the most impact with customers. SmartEnomic is giving the customer the choice on which way they would like to view their data.

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