In recent times security in Nigeria has deteriorated. Criminals breaks into homes, offices, and banks, stealing huge amount of money and precious items. Sensitive and confidential documents, materials and equipment by corporation are constantly declared missing from where they are kept. There is a need to design and implement a device that will reduce such occurrences..

What it does

The SmartEcho device is two security device that that uses infrared sensor, and motion sensor to detect for an intruder (an unwanted person in a area). When an intruder is detected it send text message to the user, call the user, sends snapshot of the incident via email to the user, and streams the video on a web page via a server or a facebook account. Two protypes was done,

  1. SmartEcho (model1): checks for intruder, when an intruder is detected sends SMS to the user using a 2G network. A keypad is used to input phone numbers of the required users, to alert when their is an intruder. It also have an option to call the users, which is set also by the keypad.
  2. SmartEcho (model2): checks for intruder, when an intruder is detected sends SMS, calls the users, and using nexmo api tells the user the security condition, snapshots of the user is taken and sends to the user Gmail accounts, the system is den used as a server to stream the video of the incident, an option is also given to stream through a facebook account.

How we built it

Two design was built, for capturing two different scenarios. i. Echo-Smart(version 1), is a 2G network security system, that uses GPRS to send SMS to the user when there is intrusion. It also have an option to call the user to indicate intruder detected. ii. Echo-Smart(version 2), is a security system that utilizes internet connectivity for its operation. When an intruder is detected it sends SMS, calls the individual, take snapshot of the incident and sends to the user email and stream the video incident on a webpage or on a facebook page.

Challenges we ran into

i. getting the components required for the project to work. ii. funds for purchasing the component. iii.find team mates to join in the execution of the project

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Achieving the desired tasks

What we learned

Learnt how to plan and execute a smart security based project.

What's next for SmartECho

Designing and implement new improved SmartEcho Solution. This is to develop a system that can efficiently checks for intruder via surveillance and sensors. Creating mobile app and web application will also be done for the system. The device will have a two way communication, in other to be able to talk to the intruder, this will make the device more better and efficient.

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