In our community, we saw many people struggle with achieving their health goals especially during a time such as these where most gyms are closed. This problem motivated us to help others not only by tracking their health but to know how to improve it.

What it does

SmartEats helps people either to lose weight or to gain muscle through our aesthetically pleasing design. It then provides users with tips on how to better achieve their goals, a tracking system based on their newest data, recipes for any time of the day, a shopping list for when they go out, and videos to help know what exercises to do all based on their goal.

How I built it

Through trial and error with the software MIT App Inventor, we worked hard to make SmartEat as aesthetic and easy to use for everyone.

Challenges I ran into

The balance of life, schoolwork, and creating the app with new software we were unfamiliar with was the biggest challenge for us. We overcame this by organizing our priorities and finding free time for the app.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Our innovative and eye-appealing design within SmartEats, making it very easy to use for anyone, was one of our main priorities when brainstorming SmartEats.

What I learned

We learned the importance of time management along with the skills of working on new software to create what we imagine.

What's next for SmartEats

We hope to advance SmartEats for new features more personalized to the user such as finding the cheapest location near them for the items on their shopping list and much more.

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