1) Wanting to eat healthy while eating out 2) Having knowledge of healthy options from restaurants 3) Having suggestions from restaurants that meet your dietary restrictions and do not include food items you are allergic to 4) Seeing nutritional value in healthy food items to track your daily nutrition

What it does

Once you sign up with giving the application your personal information regarding your diet, such as your goals (whether it is to lose weight or gain muscle), your dietary restrictions, and your allergies, the application will return food item suggestions from restaurants to you.

How we built it

React front-end, Node.js back-end connected to Cockroach Database. Deployed on Heroku and Amazon Web Services.

Challenges we ran into

1) Integrating Cockroach Database with deployment on Heroku, it wasn't possible. 2) Manually collecting the restaurant food item data. 3) Integrating React with the back-end.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Pretty UI, learning new technologies, integrating two frameworks together that we didn't have experience in prior.

What we learned

Not to set up a login/sign up flow for future hackathons. Took too much time and adds no value.

What's next for SmartEats

More features, from integrating the Yelp API to show Restaurant Ratings, to giving food items a healthy rating, to map view of the restaurant. Features in mind are listed in our GitHub repo as issues:

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