Inspiration: - Average College Students spend more than five hours a day doing food activity and $5000 dollars a year on food which is a high amount of earning cash coming out of their income.

What it does:SmartEat is an app that allows college students to eat healthy and low cost meal by replacing their College Meal

How I built it: We used javaScript,Java, xml to build up on AWS and Android Studio.

Challenges I ran into: We had to learn new programming langauge like Java and integrating different API like capital one

Accomplishments that I'm proud of: We finally found out a lot and learn more about the capital one API

What I learned: We learned how to work with the AWS by using javaScripts and working on android studio by using java,xxlm, javaScript

What's next for SmartEat: We're planning to integrate the AWS with Watson to make it more advance and autonomous

Challenges we signed up fo: Best X for y

Built With

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posted an update

Best X for Y - Bitcamp

Amazon Web Services - Best Use of AWS

Best use of SparkPost

Biggest Gamechanger - Booz Allen Hamilton

Best use of Intel Edison or Arduino 101 for Health - Intel

Best Use of Capital One's API

Most Creative UX/UI - Viacom

Best Use of IBM Cognitive & Bluemix - IBM

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