We throw our trash without separating plastics, aluminum cans, and other waste products and we all know where it goes: to OCEANS!!!! and landfills. All these non-biodegradable waste is polluting our rivers and lands affecting climate, ocean life, and land life. And why is that? Its because we are lazy and we don't home sperate the waste products. Due to which separating those waste products is expensive for waste pickup services so they end up throwing it in oceans and landfills. Therefore, we tried to solve this problem by incentivizing people to home separate their waste products and give them rewards based on how much recyclable items they give.

What it does

We have a smart Dustbin where we keep our recyclable items and after the waste reaches a certain weight threshold, it sends a notification to the nearest waste pick-up service. They come to pick up the recyclable items and rewards the user based on the weight of the item.

How I built it

We installed a weight sensor to a dustbin. The weight sensor is connected to Arduino and the wifi module. This data is sent to Google Firebase in real-time. After the data is sent to Firebase, a Python Flask web app pulls the data to the user dashboard. In this dashboard, the user can see his rewards and history of Recyclable items he has donated.

Challenges I ran into

We could not send data from our dustbin to firebase.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

What I learned

What's next for smartDustbin

Our next goal is to install an ultrasonic sensor to the dustbin so that whenever the dustbin is full it notifies the waste pick up service. We also plan to improve the front-end part of our website.

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