We wanted to build a smart, fun, easy to use, and affordable method for groups to collaborate in a more interactive way. Currently there are SmartBoards which exist but they literally cost over $4000 and most colleges/schools cannot afford this. Not only this, but current methods for group white board collaboration are limited to the physical world. We are changing the game by introducing a very cost effective way to achieve the same results as those costly SmartBoards.

What it does

Our product multiple users to draw at the same time, allows users to add/edit images directly into the program, save their notes, open notes, edit their notes, and offers a speech recognition system where users may directly speak text into the program and then edit it around. Our OneClick system allows a user to use a very large amount of space to draw/innovate and directly interact with resources from their computer for some great collaboration! Its a Wacom tablet, but for your entire room!

How we built it

We used Java for the entire project. We started by getting down our IR tracker down with our proper hardware configured. Next we worked on making sure our GUI was functional yet attractive. After this we spent the next about 18 hours making sure our entire architecture was working fluidly. We wrote code to handle all cases, refined our algorithms for a fine degree of precision. We next worked on integrating a Java-script client with a Java local web server which would do speech recognition in real time.

Challenges we ran into

Figuring out if it it better to use color tracking or ir tracking. Building the actual pens was a small challenge as they were very very tiny to work with when hacking away.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We built an app which uses refined algorithms for tracking our user cursors. We built a pretty complex state machine and hierarchy for our software. We were able to build an app that mimics the wacom tablet and smart boards in one weekend, while keep your product extremely low cost.

What we learned

Computer vision, speech recognition, software design, Java

What's next for OneClick

Port it over to C/C++ with python for better scalability and speed.

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