As seekers of knowledge, humans have an innate fear of the unknown. We are constantly showered with information, ranging from global crises such as failing national economies to minutia such as the end of a laundry cycle. However, amidst this informational revolution, we somehow fail to answer one simple question: how hot are our drinks? With SmartCup, we say farewell to the days of guessing. We fill the void in our minds that taunts us when opaque containers surround questionable liquids. We derive a sense of confidence and superiority as we conquer a deep insecurity that has haunted us since the dawn of time. May secretly hot liquids never burn our tongues again!

What it does

SmartCup is the pinnacle of liquid containment technology. In a modern society, we have the right to know everything about what we consume. SmartCup reports the temperature of a drink, leaving no doubt about its effect on the poor, unsuspecting tongue. It eliminates both burns and brain freeze by allowing its user to input a temperature preference and reporting too hot or too cold temperatures. SmartCup allows the user to be fully informed about his or her drink.

How I built it

We built the project using an Arduino Micro, which took inputs from a temperature sensor. The Arduino was connected to an LCD, which allows the user to input a desired temperature. Pushbuttons were used to manipulate the user interface. The temperature data were stored and processed using Arduino software.

Challenges I ran into

It was very difficult to make new electrical connections on a small Protoboard, as well as creating a comfortable user interface on a spatially limited LCD.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We are very proud of SmartCup's overall compactness and user-friendliness.

What I learned

We learned about the significance and difficulties of small electronics. Particularly, we learned to adapt the Arduino Software to the Arduino Micro setting, which sparked the realization of the importance of a sleek and slim design.

What's next for SmartCup

We would love to add accelerometer and proximity sensors to give more functionality and convenience to the user interface. Perhaps some day in the future SmartCup will be able to detect the presence of a user and perform its functions without the manual push of a button.

Built With

  • arduino-micro
  • lcd-screen
  • protoboard
  • pushbutton-collection
  • temperature-sensor
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