Each time we visit a store, our receipts come with dumb printed coupons that are irrelevant and mostly never used. According to Inmar , less than 1% of printed coupons were redeemed in 2013. This huge pile of garbage coupons inspired us to create an intelligence platform that prints targeted coupons for customers at the point of sale. These coupons are personalized based on customer purchase history. So, they are liked and used by customers providing better experience.

Target users:

  1. Consumers: More relevant coupons that can actually be used resulting in delighted customers.
  2. Businesses: Increased sales due to repeated customers.

Our platform is completely integrated with Clover point of sale system. As soon as a payment is recorded, consumer's historical and current purchase data is mined by our recommendation engine for coupon recommendations. Coupons are then printed along with the receipt at checkout, all happening in real-time!

This platform can be further extended by with a centralized coupon recommendation engine as SaaS. We provide an avenue for local shops to buy adspace on the receipts and create additional revenue stream for businesses by sharing ad-revenue.

Hence reducing the (coupon-)garbage and making the world a better place :)

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