Intelligent layer on top of existing cloud storage


  • Unix based OS with fork support and support for watching filesystem changes through inotify, FSEvents or kqueue.
  • python 2.7 and above


I followed a similar method to .gitignore and hence decided to have a list of all the pattern that need to be ignored from syncing


  • .*.jar : Ignore all the files containing .jar
  • .class$ : Ignore all the files ending with .class
  • ^Bingo : Ignore all the files starting with Bingo

For more information on using regular expression please check the python regex documentation.


  • ) smartcopyd : SmartCopy Daemon smartcopydaemon monitors for changes to a directory , filter the files according to the ignore patterns and sync's to the cloud storage.

  • ) smartcopy : SmartCopy Client smartcopy allows you to change the config file and modify any ignore pattern rules.

Python regex


Method 1 ( For using the latest stable branch)

  • sudo easy_install smartcopy

Method 2 ( For current development branch)

Starting the daemon

Shrikars-MacBook-Pro:~ shrikar$ smartcopyd
Shrikars-MacBook-Pro:~ shrikar$ smartcopy
Starting SmartCopy Engine...
smartcopy> add .*.jpg
Adding this pattern to ignore path :  .*.jpg
smartcopy> add .*.pdf
Adding this pattern to ignore path :  .*.pdf
smartcopy> add .*.jar
Adding this pattern to ignore path :  .*.jar

The above command will create a directory called SmartCopy in your home folder feel free to drag it to the finder sidebar or where ever its convenient for you to copy files.

Important : While syncing files DO NOT COPY OR MOVE files directly to the dropbox folder instead copy/move to SmartCopy folder which will filter the files and sync's them to the dropbox folder.

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