We decided to create SmartClock because we were interested in the automation of different technologies. Such automation include utilizing machine learning and other artificial intelligence algorithms.

What it does

SmartClock serves as a personal secretary to an individual. It possesses a wide range of functions, such as acting as a calendar by pulling the users' Google account data. In addition, the SmartClock also possesses temperature-sensing capabilities that allow it to project weather data to the user. A plethora of other data is also presented, and the data out it highlighted by the SmartClock's LED lights and buzzer systems.

How I built it

For SmartClock, we utilized Javascript in order to utilize peripherals and sent data from our Intel Edison to our computer applications. We also used C++ to program an Arduino, in which we attached more peripherals to achieve higher data accuracy. The software interface was further bolstered using the Google Calendar API, in which we utilized its organizational functions.

Challenges I ran into

Establishing a serial connection with the Intel Edison is difficult, as we were not able to bypass the user login information initially. In addition, we had difficulty communicating with the Intel Edison's IoT system through Intel's XDK compiler. Eventually, we sorted everything out.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I'm especially happy that I gained a greater understanding for the software that helps run many basic technologies in the world. Gaining more insight through using the Intel Edison definitely allowed us to be able to utilize a wide range of functions.

What I learned

We learned how to utilize more C++ libraries and learned more machine learning algorithms. We also learned how to utilize more functions of the Intel Edison, which allowed us to expand beyond the software aspect of technology.

What's next for SmartClock

SmartClock will continue to undergo development to have more software features incorporated on the platform. In addition, we plan to include more hardware add-ons to prove better useable data for our users.

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