In a world where your smartphone is at the center of your life, you don't have time to lose, rather, lose your phone - especially when its somewhere in your house. Instead of spending an hour rummaging through your couch, just activate the locator button on the top of the

How it works

Equipment: Intel Edison Board, Galvanized Stainless Steel Board, AC Adapter. We have 3D printed a custom fit button, with a aesthetic bent steel urban style docking station.
By utilizing Node JS, we implement a call to Twilio when the Cradle is activated. Just tap your hand on the top of the dock, and you can now find your phone. Stay still and listen closely.

Challenges I ran into

The Edison board is tough to connect to using linux, and XDK was a bit finicky. Also, tough to implement twilio call from Node.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Getting Edison to work in linux. Troubleshooting router problem, and solving connectivity.

What I learned

Design, sometimes drives functionality.

What's next for SmartCharge Cradle

Modular functionality , day parting, and personalized apps.

Built With

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