The inspiration to make SmartCash was to help people economically since we saw that our families and friends had problems managing their money. Many people don’t know how to use their money properly. The purpose of our app is to provide them with resources that will be useful in guiding them when making financial decisions. Not knowing how to work with money can lead to negative consequences and that’s what we’re trying to avoid with our app. People will have the opportunity to improve their credit, calculate their income, and also their tax. They will be able to know many tips to improve their credit. With our app, everyone is going to feel more comfortable and secure when working with their money!

What it does

This is a very interesting question. When we were in the process of creating this app, the only thing that we always thought about was creating the best app that could give people the best help and service at no cost. We understand that people have a lot of economic issues in today’s world, and this is why we bought this app. What SmartCash does is educate you about budgeting, credit, credit recovering, and also improving your already earned credit. Also, we offer you the benefit of direct and specific budgeting advice to your specific budgeting situation, by providing you with a specific form to fill out, that will produce specific results for you as an outcome. This app will also bring you for assistance by providing you an income-to-debt tool, that will calculate your percentage of income against debt, providing you with the information necessary for a budgeting and economic change. And finally, you will have access to the Mortgage and Loan Calculators, which will give you guidance in Mortage and other loan payments.

How We built it

In the creation of this app, we were trying to do something functional, but as simple as possible. We were trying to do something that can help people around the world, and not only in the United States. SmartCash is an app that started as a credit score calculator but we noticed that it already existed. After a lot of thinking, we come up with the idea of making a budgeting app. In order to get advice or an analysis of your budget, you will most likely need to see a professional, which can cost you some money. Therefore, we added to SmartCash a budget calculator, which provides you with advice on how to improve your budget and have better control over the maintenance of your money. We also add to the app a simple and understandable form, this way is easier to calculate your budget in less time possible.

Challenges we ran into

In the process of making the app, we ran into many challenges. These challenges delayed the progress of the app and put us in a very difficult situation. The first challenge we had was finding the time to have a team meeting, as every member of our team had a different schedule. Due to this, we had to shift to do our meetings over the phone, which reduce the performance of the team as there is no in-person creativity and collaboration. The second biggest challenge we had was school, we were working in the app, but at the same time, we had to get ready for quizzes, tests, do our homework and projects taking out all of our time. In addition to that, several issues with the app functioning and performance was a challenge sometimes. But in the end, we were able to finish the app as quickly as possible.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Whenever we are doing something that we think it is our right to do, we always have something to gain from this process. In the development of SmartCash, we were able to learn and get accomplishments not only on the team level but also on a personal level. We believe that in this coding process, we were able to accomplish the ability to make decisions and research between all of our group members because we needed to make sure to use the right research process, and the right determination to determine what was best for SmartCash. Without any of these accomplishments, the idea of SmartCash and the way that it was built, would have never been put in practice. In addition to that, we are proud that we were capable of learning how MIT App Inventor worked, and actually, the way that we dominated and used all of this platform’s resources to make SmartCash the best and again the best for people who needs it.

What We learned

In the process of making this application, we have learned a few important abilities. Being one of the most important, teamwork. We had to come up with ideas and better ways to improve the app. The process of coding gave us a piece of new knowledge in the computing field, by this we mean that we were able to introduce ourselves better in the app making world. In addition to these factors, we also learned how to overcome conflicts not just as a person, but also as a team.

What's next for SmartCash

For every program, software, or application, there is always another step and another level for it. For the future but not so long from now, we would love to make SmartCash greater and better for the people who need to use it. We would be happy to add more features to our app and to make sure that it covers everybody’s situation and economic system. For this, we’ll most likely offer first the security feature, making the user’s information more secure, and making sure that their privacy is our priority. Secondly, we’ll like to offer a better and more integrated budgeting tool, as well as more counseling on credit, debt, and income sources. Lastly but not endly, we would also integrate a tool to calculate expenses for all debts directly from people's bank accounts, as well as making connections between SmartCash estimates and bank advisors, providing people the ability to consult their real situation with a more experienced professional in the field. Even though we do not have these features right now, we can ensure our current and future users one thing, you can always count on us!

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