What inspired us the most is the trip of one of our team members, it was to Istanbul Airport, and he faced many problems there and he almost missed his flight.

What it does

That's why we came up with the idea of Smart Cart, its a smart electronic airport cart that has many features for the travelers such as:

  1. Chase the passenger using GPS and tracking technology.
  2. It has a mounted 10 inch touch screen on it.
  3. It can lead travelers to there gates and destination.
  4. It has many sensors to detect objects and people so it can help lead blind people to there gates.
  5. Equipped with a charging system to charge cell-phone.
  6. Provided with sterilizers for the traveler.
  7. Travelers can find the Wi Fi information through our cart.
  8. Equipped with a safety system that allows the traveler to stop the trolley aside while using the bathroom without allowing the vehicle to move along with anyone or approach to the bags.
  9. Resourced with a passenger translator, speakers, and microphone.
  10. Implemented with a system to lift bags for travelers.
  11. Its smart system allows it to return itself to the charging panel and charge itself electronically to avoid interruptions.

How we built it

So far we have used Fusion 360 to design our first prototype and due to the lock down of covid-19 we weren't able to implement it, so we worked on the software and the system it self.

Challenges we ran into

Not having the ability to meet and implement the idea on real life because of lock down.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are proud to have a clear business plan with clear needs of the project.

What we learned

We learned many things in programming and design, but most important we learned about the life cycle of an airport travelers.

What's next for SmartCart

We are aiming to do our first clean prototype and show it to Queen Alia Airport in our country in order to be funded by them to start our business.

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