Khan Academy! What other ways can we take difficult to learn concepts and help people learn them without getting overwhelmed.

What it does

SmartCards takes a topic entered by a user (e.g. teacher, student, parent) and searches relevant API's like WolframAlpha to build a comprehensive and enriching flashcard set. It then loads those flashcards into CourseHero for you to study and make sure you ace that upcoming exam!

How I built it

A collaborative team focused on taking advantage of all the data available and curating it into smaller learnable chunks that can be digested by people of any age to continue to learn.

Challenges I ran into

The proper scoping of a flashcard set can be very difficult without asking for a lot of input from the user up front. However, with input from the user SmartCards can intelligently learn what topics you are interested in studying.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Creating an generic framework to auto-create sets of flashcards based on very limited effort by the user, but with great value in learning concepts.

What I learned

What's next for SmartCards I

Continuing to build out the knowledge base to more accurately scope sets and retrieve information from existing and available knowledge bases.


We want to add the Hacking EDUTech as one of the prizes that we are competing for.

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