We were inspired by the many potential applications of wireless robots presented by the USC Center for Cyber-Physical Systems and the Internet of Things.

What it does:

RoboDog tracks and follows a person using it's Ultrasonic sensor. It could be useful for carrying your belongings. One application could be hands-free shopping or carrying golf equipment for you.

How I built it:

We used Smart Robot Car Kit that includes Arduino Uno, L298N motor controller module, ultrasonic sensors, Bluetooth module and other mechanical parts.

Challenges I ran into:

We were having problems uploading the Arduino program, getting the RoboDog to go in a straight line, and communicating with it through Bluetooth.

Accomplishments that we are proud of:

Developing RoboDog has been a great learning experience.

What I learned:

How to build a robot car, integrate devices and write a basic algorithm for autonomous driving.

What's next for Robodog - SmartCar DevXP

We are going to buy RoboDog a sweet fake fur, this way you can cuddle him during a cold winter night.

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