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We focused on projects that would be useful for college students, mainly helping them through taking care of routine tasks like taking out the trash while they dealt with the other, more mentally intensive work.

What it does

Let's you know when to take out the trash two separate ways. First, if the trash starts piling up and the can is almost full, an LED light system attached to the top of the lid will change color, indicating it is time to take out the trash. In addition, the weight of the trash is recorded, and if it gets too heavy, a message can be received on one's computer letting them know that they need to take out the trash.

How I built it

Using one Arduino that was connected to a breadboard consisting only of LED lights, and then another breadboard containing a ping sensor, we could measure distance and change the color of lights accordingly. This was fitted at te top of the trash can. For the second Arduino, we used pressure sensors and an Adafruit Bluetooth device that could send signals based on the weight readings from the pressure sensors. This was fitted toward the bottom of the trash can.

Challenges I ran into

The two biggest challenges were sending the message via Bluetooth and setting up the pressure sensor apparatus within the trash can.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Figuring out how to send messages via Bluetooth to a computer; being able to code both Arduinos properly; building and arranging the trash can correctly.

What I learned

How to send Bluetooth messages, connecting Arduinos to multiple breadboards, implementing class projects into real-life applications.

What's next for SmartCan

Further testing.

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