Smart Can - A Small Step to a Greener World


Our world is an ever changing world, and with the advent of new technology even mundane objects such as wrappers and trash cans must evolve. Our goal with this project is to combine fascinating new technologies to allow people to know with a glance how to dispose of an item, and where the nearest smart trash can is. Our world changing trashcan knows when you approach, and sorts various waste accordingly.

Welcome to our world.

The Platform

Google Glass

SmartCan uses Google Glass to make the process as seamless as possible. A simple, "OK Glass, throw this away" triggers glass to scan the QR Code on the product designated to be thrown away. Glass then finds the nearest SmartCan, and, through the use of Estimote Beacons, directs you to it.

Crowdsourced, Incentivized, Smart Recycling

Glass determines whether your item can be recycled by accessing the item's entry in a server built using MongoDB. Based on this information, SmartCan will automatically sort the ite based on its recyclability, removing all obligation on your part to recycle properly.

If Glass cannot determine if your item is recyclable, it will ask. Your answer then leads to that item's data being updated in the database, contributing to SmartCan's ever-expanding database.

Statistics and Interactivity

In addition to our SmartCan, we also included an iOS Companion App, an app that drives the incentivized part of SmartCan. Every recycling action is rewarded with 10 cents, sent to the user through Cash. The user can also track his or her statistics and see how they rank with the rest of the world.

The Team


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