As students, many of us have either been, or know someone who has fell victim to roommates or visitors who have stolen something from them. Students are commonly away from their dorms for most of the day, leaving them open to theft. We thus decided to build a platform which could alleviate this issue.

What it does

Identifai captures screenshots from a video source (currently a laptops webcam), and determines whether or not the captured screenshot represents an "event" the user is interested in. If it is, the event is sent to the mobile application, where the user can see the associated screenshot and capture time, giving them information instantly.

How we built it

Identifai leverages modern web technologies, utilizing HTML5 API's to access a laptops webcam, and a Node.js + Express.js web server. The android application is built using Kotlin, a JVM language which was recently brought out of beta.

Challenges we ran into

It was a bit tricky to use the HTML5 webcam api's initially.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We managed to complete a full stack project during a hackathon.

What I learned

We learned that you must be careful about not overusing your requests quota!

What's next for Identifai

There are many potential applications, such as utilizing Identifai for time series analysis. We would love to further explore these options.

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