The idea behind SmartBot was to mimic the early stages of human learning. When we started out, we made sure that all of the features of the logic and memory followed that general scheme. As beginners in AI, we tried to make it as simple as possible. From the start, when the user introduces him or herself, the bot learns and makes the association. Later on, when the user puts the bot to sleep, it retains the most important things learned that "day". The way it does this is through the "importance" value. The more times things are mentioned, the higher their importance value. If the importance value goes above .5, it is stored permanently. The other two values that are important are the confidence and the trust values. Both of these determine whether or not the bot will store the data that the user gives in permanent memory.

All in all, the robot uses pseudo-emotions, such as importance, confidence, and trust to make decisions such as whether or not to believe the user. This bot opens many doors for programmers to make bots that can slowly become more human-like with each improvement.

Built With

  • cloud9
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