What is Smart Booth?

SmartBooth increases exhibitors’ profits by maximizing attendees’ engagement at their booth. By utilizing high-fidelity AR codes, displays become more interactive prompting greater investment in their brand with potential customers, partners, and contractors. With SmartBooth working on any phone which support web applications, attendees don’t have to jump through hoops or have special hardware to get the full experience.

New Features

With the newly created KeenAnalytics™ feature, SmartBooth can now accurately compile demographic data about booth visitors. By using real-time javascript analysis, it can determine whether viewers are decision-makers, influencers, or just plain attendees by their badges. This allows exhibit owners to capture valuable data which is monetizable on their backend.

Upcoming functionality

• AR codes can open YouTube videos

• Content changes based on viewers badge (attendee/influencer/decision maker all see different content)

• Decrease assembly time for unskilled labor by creating animations of CAD models

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