It could be said without any doubt that small and medium businesses are the hardest hit by the pandemic. People are cautiously avoiding going to shops and are instead ordering online. Small shops which lagged behind in adopting technology have been

What it does

SmartBiz provides small businesses an easy-to-use platform to manage their inventory, interact with customers, and get insights into their day-to-day business. Many shops still use pen and paper for bookkeeping, which is laborious and error-prone.

  • Shop owners can quickly create their inventory by just clicking photos of stocks.
  • See how their customers feel about their service.
  • One-stop dashboard for overall service

How we built it

  • Using flask, strapi
  • Azure services
    • Custom vision
    • Text analytics

Challenges we ran into

  • Getting started with Azure was a little challenging. But the code samples were useful

What we learned

  • Learnt a lot about Azure. There is a service for everything!

What's next for SmartBiz

  • AI Assistant integration - customers can query for about shops
  • Shop owners can build FAQ bots by just providing some details

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