Airline boarding is one of the top sources of frustration and cause for airline delays (excluding weather). When overhead bins are full, flight attendants must stop the line to pass extra bags back to the ramp to check, causing flight delays.

What it does

SmartBins gives airlines visibility into the real-time capacity of the bins. Flight attendants can then see the overhead bins fill up, and pre-emptively and systematically check bags

How we built it

Arduino 101 Python Tornado web framework Simple http-server HTML/CSS D3.js Crossfilter.js DC.js

Challenges we ran into

Connecting to the web socket to pass data from the serial connection to the website. Massaging D3 to produce the correct visualization.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

SmartBins can be quickly and easily installed on any aircraft and uses flexible hardware that is easily scalable both logistically and financially.

What we learned

How to build a scalable full-stack application!

What's next for SmartBins

We see our product as an airplane analytics platform. Over time as more data is collected, the airline can use predictive machine learning to determine how many bags on each flight will need to be checked.

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