SmartBets makes it easy for you to place bets on anything and everything with whomever you want.

SmartBets is a clean and lightweight webapp that brings simplicity and accessibility to the process of betting in real time. We use the Venmo API to allow users to settle old scores - and quickly start new ones.

We add new functionality to allow you to place bets with large groups; it's as easy as a click of a button to create a betting room that you can invite all of your friends to. We are your efficient and friendly middle-man - we charge no commissions and we handle all payouts as soon as they are received.

Whether you are a diehard Red Sox fan or an obsessive Starcraft fan (or want to bet on your favorite VTHacks project), you are sure to appreciate our clean presentation of group statistics to make it even easier for you to make the "smart bet." We use d3.js libraries to easily present useful data on betting odds, pot sizes, distributions within our betting rooms.

Let the games begin! -The SmartBets Team

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