Inspiration: We envisioned a future where IoT could help you optimize your workouts on the fly

What it does: Record the reps and sets in your workout, uses bluetooth to transmit data to computer where it is then used to plan next workout, produces graphs of workout history.

How we built it: We use the MakeBlock components and an Arduino board attached to a dumbbell to collect data. We then used serial coms to transmit the data to the computer. We used Numpy, Matplotlib, and general workout knowledge to come up with the workout progression system.

Challenges we ran into: Bluetooth capability, varying versions of python libraries between systems, and transmitting serial data through the coms.

Accomplishments that we're proud of: We made something based on what interests us, and incorporated many different new technologies available to us.

What we learned: We've never used hardware before it was an interesting learning experience for the both of us.

We learned a lot about Arduino as well as the way data is transmitted across different platforms.

What's next for Smartbell: We hope to see more IoT related to fitness and would like to figure out how to properly implement bluetooth into our device.

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