The connected car is right around the corner, now we need to show consumers nonobvious applications that greatly improve the driving experience.

With SmartAuto we decided to show the three paint points having a connected car could solve best.

  1. In car notifications
  2. Paying for tolls, gas, and parking
  3. Watch out for fatigue or unsafe driving

Notifications allow you to be less distracted by showing notifications in your field of view rather than you having to pull out your phone.

For paying for car services, we joined Coinbase with Android Auto to create payments based on location. If you're at a gas station, just type in your pump number and you can immediately pump gas. Parked at a meter? Your Coinbase account will be charged according to the parking meter rates. You no longer have to worry about getting your car towed.

Most importantly though, using the Omron facial recognition camera, we notify you if you're extremely fatigued or driving unsafely. The notification is meant as a simple alert in case you're dozing off or are daydreaming.

If the driving patterns are extremely bad, indicating heavy irrational fatigue or drunk driving, the car will automatically call your partner or best friend and put them on the car microphone. A lot of the time talking to someone close to you will make an irrational state reconsider driving and pull over for the safety of all around you.

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