What it does

We change the Airbnb's pricing model from fixed to fluctuating price base on the guest's actual experience. We enable smart contract to execute fluctuating price.

How I built it

  1. Write Smart contract with Solidity
  2. Develop on Truffle
  3. Use testrpc for the test

Challenges I ran into

use Ether.camp

At first I use Ether.camp to create a contract. Since it is already installed Ethereum, I feel easy to use it. I hope I can share my ether.camp project to the team member.

run Truffle

I was in trouble how to run truffle. When I try to run truffle deploy following the tutorial, http error occurred. Finally, I found that I need to run testrpc before truffle deploy when I read Medium blog.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We developed a smart contract with Truffle and Solidity.

What I learned

Developing with truffle is much easier than with Meteor + geth. I was impressed to testrpc. Before testrpc, I needed to run geth and mine the contract.

What's next for SmartAirbnb

I wanted to install other npm module to my truffle app. I followed the instruction but the error "no web3 found" has occurred. I would love to fix the error and install npm libs to use React.

Built With

  • ethereum
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